8 Painless and Easy Ways for Introverts to Recharge

I’ve talked about how important it is for introverts to recharge and why you must not take “recharging” for granted.

Over the past few days, however, I’ve gotten questions asking how to “recharge.”

Frankly, I ask this question myself.

I’ve also been in a sort of “rut” lately, and I felt tired, like, all the time. I realized it was burn out, which for an introvert is probably twice as difficult to deal with.

The Answer

The thing is, every person, whether introvert or not, has his or her own way to rest and recharge. There is no clear-cut way that is applicable to all. An introvert discovers his or her own way of recharging.

For example, some introverts claim that for every hour of social interaction (i.e., parties), they would need two hours of rest and recharge. Others need more or less. So the time varies and so do the ways we recharge.

But the purpose of recharging is the same: rest the mind and body so you will feel energized again. recargas telcel

The Ways


Oh yes. As expected, reading is probably one of the most common habits introverts have. There is certainly no better way to recharge ourselves than locking ourselves in our room with a good (preferably thick) book or our trusty Kindle.

Always stock up on reading material. Some opt to read online, and that’s great if it works for you, but if you already work in front of a computer all day long, it may be a good idea to choose a different medium for a change.

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